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IFMA Members gain instant credibility by using the IFMA brand and by becoming part of the largest community of facility management professionals. As the leader in the industry we want to put our research, resources and support in your hands!

The annual professional, associate, student, retired, and partner membership fee levels provide an opportunity for eveyone to join the organization. By connecting you with cutting-edge research, lifelong learning, and opportunities for networking and community-building on the chapter and global level, IFMA gives you the tools you need to succeed in your FM career. To learn more about IFMA resources and to join our community of facility management professionals, browse our value of belonging below.

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Full Membership Package Base+Chapter+Council+
Foundation Contribution+Mail Delivery
Base membership with electronic
delivery (does not include
chapter or council membership)
$179 U.S. Professional/Associate
$35 U.S. Student
$100 U.S. Retired
Optional Southern Arizona Chapter $181
Optional Council membership(s) additional $55 U.S. (for each council)
Optional mail delivery additional $42 U.S.